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CMS College, Kottayam
CMS College, Kottayam

CMS College, Kottayam

The CMS College, Kottayam is the first college in India founded in 1817. The college is now one of the largest colleges in Kerala with 23 departments offering 47 courses for 2521 students, 138 teaching faculty members and 35 administrative staffs. Deeply rooted in Kottayam and dedicated to its mission, the CMS College is one of the top colleges in Kerala.

With its 23 departments the CMS College offers programs in almost all academic fields in arts and sciences.

Two hundred years is but a tiny drop in the unceasing flow of cosmic time. On the human scale, however, it amounts to a life span of about ten generations. That is if the first-ever graduates of the college sent their children to CMS College Kottayam, and each succeeding generation did the same, they would have their 10th generation progeny studying here at present. This is only one indication of the antiquity of CMS College Kottayam in the history of higher education not just in Kerala, but in India as a whole. Yes, CMS College, Kottayam – The College Cotym in its original orthographic avatar – was born 200 years ago, in 1817.

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Designation : Bursar

CMS College, Kottayam, Kerala, India – 686001

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- Olassa

CSI St. Mark’s Church, Olassa

  • Year of the Formation : 1840
  • Name of the Founder : Rev. Henry Baker (Sr.)
  • Year of Pastorate Formation : 1844
  • Total Members of the Congregation : 1000
  • Total Families in the Congregation : 225
  • Total Land : 6 Acre
  • Name of the Bishop from the Congregation: Late Rt. Rev. Dr. M. M. John
  • Name of the Presbyters from the Congregation: Rev. John Kurian, Late Rev. K. O. Philip, Late Rev. Sugu John Chandy, Late Rev. Jacob Chandy (Sr), Late Rev. E. V. John, Late Rev. K. P. Varkey, Late Rev. K. Koruthu, Rev. Abraham C. Prakash, Rev. Pratheesh Babu Kurian, and Rev. John Punnen
Designation : Vicar

CSI St.Mark’s Church, Olassa P. O., Kottayam - 686 014.

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Rev. Cherian Thomas

Rev. Cherian Thomas

CSI St.Mark’s Church, Olassa P. O., Kottayam - 686 014. Phone: 0481 2516861