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CSI Parish, Sharjah

CSI Parish, Sharjah

  • It was about 40 years ago; that a few dedicated KERALITE CSI Christians joined together and started a prayer group in Dubai, which by Grace of God, slowly grew in strength and progressed to form CSI Parish Dubai in 1978. Many of the CSI KERALITES living in Sharjah at that time joined the Dubai Parish. However, as time passed by, the number of CSI Members residing in Sharjah started increasing and many could not attend the Parish activities in Dubai constrained by distance and lack of affordable transport facilities. As such, they started sending their children to Sunday Schools run by other Christian denominations in Sharjah and themselves started attending these worship services.
  • In 1994, as a part of Dubai Parish, an area prayer started at Sharjah which gradually grew in strength and led to a monthly Church Worship service in Sharjah. The first CSI Malayalam Communion Service took place at St Martins’ Church, Sharjah in July 1995 and the attendance to this service has been increased gradually, as a result, the frequency of the service was also increased to being twice a month. In stages, The Church Choir also commenced its full-fledged activity. The need for Sunday school for the children was of paramount importance and as such, scripture classes began in September 1995 with as few as 28 children.
  • The necessity of having an independent parish in Sharjah to serve the maximum numbers of CSI Keralites living in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates to church activities was felt expedient. Accordingly, the Madhya Kerala Diocesan Bishop Rt Rev Dr Sam Mathew was approached, who gave all necessary guidance and help to proceed in this matter. A Constitution Committee was formed, which drafted a constitution and after detailed discussions, it was passed by the congregation. This was sent to Madhya Kerala Diocesan Bishop for approval. The Bishop approved the constitution and gave his consent to start the CSI Parish, Sharjah with effect from 1st April 1996. On 10th May 1996, Bishop officially inaugurated the Parish. Read more: []
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CSI Parish, Sharjah.

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Rev. Sunil Raj Philip

Rev. Sunil Raj Philip

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