Boards Associated

Education Board
Education Board

Education Board

Duties of the Board

(a) Advise on policy and public issues relating to education in the entire diocese.

(b) Manage the financial affairs of the schools generally and make arrangements for the preparation of an annual statement of affairs in the office of the Corporate Manager.

(c) Receive reports of appointments and suspensions and dismissals of teachers engaged in non-teaching work in schools.

(d) constitute an Emergency Advisory Committee to advise the Corporate Manager on urgent matters.

(e) appoint a commission to inquire into the general condition of an institution and advise the Corporate Manager on its administrative affairs, but no particular action should be ordered.

Designation : Secretary

CSI Madhya Kerala Diocesan Office, Cathedral Road, Kottayam, Kerala, Pin- -686 001

Finance Board
Finance Board

Finance Board

Duties of the Board

(a) Quarterly accounts presented to the Finance Board should be scrutinized by the Sub-Committee.

(b) Examine the accounts prepared by the Treasurer in respect of the General Funds and present them to the Executive Committee for approval with such amendments as may be suggested by the Board.

(c) The Executive Committee shall be informed of the levies imposed on Parishes and District Councils to the Diocesan fund.

(d) Allowing grants from surplus funds to meet urgent needs.

(e) to make and regulate rules for the proper keeping of accounts across the Diocese, and to prescribe books and forms necessary therefor.

(f) To constitute a 3-member Audit Committee for a periodical audit of the accounts of Diocesan Institutions and Parishes. Make arrangements to improve them.

(g) Perform such other financial duties as may be authorized by the Executive Committee.

(h) To fix the salaries, allowances and travel scales of the office staff of the Diocese, priests and church workers and the employees of other institutions connected with the Diocese.

(i) Implement the Diocesan Provident Fund for priests and church workers.

(j) The appointment and removal of treasurers of pastorates/outstations shall be vested in the Board.

(k) To decide on the amount to be allowed to be held by the treasurers of parishes/congregations.

(l) Checks shall be signed by at least one of the Secretaries (Clergy Secretary/Lay Secretary) along with the Treasurer on all bank accounts and cash transactions of the Diocese.

Designation : Member

CSI Madhya Kerala Diocesan Office, Cathedral Road, Kottayam, Kerala, Pin- -686 001

Mission Fields Associated

Sannadha Suvishesha Sangham
Sannadha Suvishesha Sangham

Sannadha Suvishesha Sangham

The work of the 'Sannadha Suvishesha Sangham', the team of voluntary missionaries of the Madhya Kerala Diocese of the CSI, was resumed under the Mission Board in the year 2023. The 'Sannadha Suvishesha Sangham' is committed to spreading the good news to society. Activities such as house visits, public meetings, and prayers at various churches in the evening are being conducted by the 'Sannadha Suvishesha Sangham'.

Designation : Convener

CSI Diocesan Office, Madhya Kerala Diocese, Cathedral Road, Kottayam, Kerala, India - 686 001.

Districts Associated

- Pallom District
Pallom District

Pallom District

Pallom District council is consisted of Alapuzha, Changanacherry, Karumadi, Kavalam, Kolladu, Mooledom, Muhamma, Nalunnakkal, Njaliakuzhy, Pallom, Pannimattom, Poovanthuruthu, Thuruthy, and Velluthuruthy pastorates.

Designation : District Chairman

Pastorates Associated

- Alapuzha

CSI Christ Church, Alapuzha

  • Year of the Formation : 1816
  • Name of the Founder : Rev. Thomas Norton
  • Total Members of the Congregation : 600
  • Total Families in the Congregation : 170
  • Total Land : 2 Acre, 75 Cent
  • Name of the Presbyters from the Congregation: Late Rev. Abraham Varkey, Rev. Jacob Johnson, and Rev. Jiji Joseph.
Designation : Vicar

Rev. C. Y. Thomas CSI Christ Church, Bazar Road, Alleppey Pin - 688 012.

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Rev. C. Y. Thomas

Rev. C. Y. Thomas

CSI Christ Church Bazar Road, Alleppey Pin - 688 012. Phone: 0477 2243076 Mob: 9947131158 Email: [email protected]