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Baker Memorial Girls H.S.S., Kottayam
Baker Memorial Girls H.S.S., Kottayam

Baker Memorial Girls H.S.S., Kottayam

The Saga of Baker Memorial Girls’ Higher Secondary School goes way back to the year 1816, with the arrival of Church Missionary Society on the Indian soil. The missionaries set about lighting the beacon of Education. Amelia Dorothea Baker, wife of Henry Baker Sr, realizing that a whole society can be developed if its women are educated, lost no time in starting Female Education.

The history of education started with the visionary effort of Colonel Munroe. The first College, CMS College Kottayam was started in 1817 and the grid of educational institutions in the same year including CMS College High School for boys education. Discussion were in the air about starting a similar institution for girls’ education and the efforts were realized in the year 1818. It is the pioneering institution in girls education in South India.

Mrs.Henry Baker Sr.and later, Mrs.Henry Baker Jr. persuaded parents to send their daughters to school to avail the far reaching benefits of education. Henry Baker Sr. visited many slaves markets and preached “Goodnews”. He paid the price of slaves and liberated them. He paid ‘6-12 panams’ for the girl children and included them in the journey of a great pilgrimage of love. The efforts of Mrs. Benjamin Bailey were also beneficial to these efforts.

The School grew in number and strength and in 1865, it was shifted to the present premises. It was accorded the status of a lower secondary by the Department of Education in 1894 and became ‘Miss Baker School- a memorial to the early Mrs. Baker. The school was further upgraded into a Higher Secondary School in1998 with Mrs. Ponnamma Jacob as its Principal.

The benefits of the school has been enjoyed not only by Christians but also by people of all class and creed in and around Kottayam. The school still stands as a beacon of light and model for other institutions.

In the initial years the text for learning were prepared as pamphlets in the CMS Press by Rev. Benjamin Bailey. The teachers were trained in modern methods and techniques. South Indian literature was translated into Malayalam and the introduction text enhanced the potential of Education. Craft training was also introduced. The girls were trained in embroidery, needle work, moral education along with the advanced curriculum.

On 27th September 1947 Church of South India was born as a continuation of the missionary efforts in the land of letters. At present the school is managed by CSI Diocese of Madhya Kerala.

The motto’ Love Never Faileth’ which has been the theme of the school for a century and more, remains unchanged and will continue to be so for ages to come.

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Baker Junction, Kottayam, Kerala-686001

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Mr. Shibu Thomas

Mr. Shibu Thomas

Baker Memorial Girls Higher Secondary School, Baker Junction, Kottayam, Kerala-686001