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Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital, Mallappally
Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital, Mallappally

Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital, Mallappally

GMM Hospital is a non-profit, charity, secondary-level 70-bed hospital located in Mallapally, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala. The hospital provides professional medical services in General Medicine, Paediatrics, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine, Community Medicine and Dermatology. With its deserved reputation for reliability and concern for the well-being of the less fortunate among the community, GMM Hospital has over the years emerged as the prime healing hub of the wider area.

Vision The Rev. George Mathen Medical Mission seeks to be a centre of healing; witnessing to the abundant life revealed through Jesus Christ.


  • The primary concern of the Hospital is to provide health care in rural settings.
  • Provide the same to the marginalized communities by organizing community clinics and other community health programmes.
  • Organize educational and counselling program for youth, children and laborers on preventive- health, hygiene, alcoholism, life-style hazards etc.
  • Encourage youth of the community to opt for careers in health ministry.
  • GMM in its healthcare services and community outreach programs looks for support and participation from friends and likeminded agencies in India and abroad, in a true spirit of partnership. In this direction the GMM seeks to work hand in hand with the healthcare initiatives of the Government, and other agencies in India and abroad.
  • In its role as a living witness in the healing ministry of Christ, GMM seeks to be an arm of the church; particularly Church of South India and its institutions.

Objective The objective of the Rev. George Mathen Medical Mission is the establishment , maintenance and development of a Christian Mission Hospital; named as Rev. George Mathen Mission Hospital Mallappally; that nurtures health and wholeness of men and women as individuals and communities, with special concern for the disadvantaged, marginalized and the vulnerable.


Designation : President

Mallappally East, Kerala, India. Pin- 689584

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- Mallappally

CSI Holy Immanuel Church, Mallappally

  • Year of the Formation : 1836
  • Year of Pastorate Formation : 1836
  • Total Members of the Congregation : 1500
  • Total Families in the Congregation : 375
  • Total Land : 4 H, 31 Acre
  • Name of the Presbyters from the Congregation: Late Rev. Luka Malpan Puthoothara, Late Rev. A. T. Thomma Ambattu, Late Rev. W. O. Oommen Valiyamannil, Late Rev. K. M. Mathai Kaipurayidom, Late Rev. W. C. Cherian Wattasseril , Late Rev. P. E. Varkey Puthoothara, Late Rev. V. E. Mathai Thundiamkulam, Late Rev. C. I. Chacko Chennakkattu, Late Rev. P. O. Varghese Panavelil, Late Rev. Dr. E. V. Eapen Erumedayil, Late Rev. P. I. Samuel Pulickal, Late Rev. Dr. K. K. Koshy Kalathunkal, Very Rev. P. O. Ninan Panavelil, Rev. Jacob Thomas Kalemadom , Rev. Sam Samuel Pulickal, Rev. Mathew M. Mathew Melekuttu, Rev. Dr. George Oomman Panavelil, Rev. Dr. T Ninan Varghese Thazhathumodayil, Rev. C. I. Jose Chackalayil, Rev. Chacko Varghese Panavelil Palackal, Rev. Dr. Sam T Mathew Theradiyil, Rev. Reji V. Skariah Vettasseril, Rev. Sumod C. Cherian Kunnathu, and Rev. Anuroop Sam Theradiyil.
Designation : Vicar

CSI Holy Immanuel Church, Mallappally East P. O., Pathanamthita - 689 584.

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Rev. Shaji M. Johnson

Rev. Shaji M. Johnson

CSI Holy Immanuel Church, Mallappally East P. O., Pathanamthita - 689 584. Phone: 0469 2682368