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- CSI Church Toronto (Canada)
CSI Church Toronto (Canada)

CSI Church Toronto (Canada)

  • The Church of South India, an amalgamation of the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational Church faiths, was inaugurated on September 27, 1947, at the St. George’s Cathedral, Chennai. It consists of 24 dioceses spread across the five States in South India. The CSI Church is the largest protestant and second largest church in India with 24 dioceses, 24 bishops and 15,000 congregations.
  • The CSI Church Toronto is affiliated to the Madhya Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India. The Presbyters are sent by the Bishop in Madhya Kerala Diocese to serve the parish for a period of three years.
  • The church is closely associated with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, and thus we are a part of the wide, Anglican Communion.
  • The congregation invite everybody to experience the blissful, participatory nature of the congregation. Different activities in the congregation will certainly help you and your family to serve the Master more meaningfully.
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CSI Church Toronto, Canada

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Rev. Binu Philip

Rev. Binu Philip

CSI Church Toronto