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Mission Board
Mission Board

Mission Board

Duties of the Board

(a) Consider all matters relating to the evangelistic work of the Diocese.

(b) Administer all special departments of the Diocesan's evangelistic work either directly or through a special committee appointed for the said purpose.

(c) Assist Parish Committees and District Councils in organizing special evangelistic efforts.

(d) To do all things capable of fostering a missionary spirit in the Church and to act in accordance with the conditions mentioned in Chapter I Rule 3 Clause 2.

(e) Carry out missionary propaganda through deputation, magazines, literature etc.

(f) Apply annually to the Finance Board for necessary grants for operations.

Designation : Member

CSI Madhya Kerala Diocesan Office, Cathedral Road, Kottayam, Kerala, Pin- -686 001

Pastorates Associated

- Machukad

CSI St. Andrew’s Church, Machukad

  • Year of the Formation : 1925
  • Year of Pastorate Formation : 1981
  • Total Members of the Congregation : 600
  • Total Families in the Congregation : 150
  • Total Land : 118/3
Designation : Vicar

CSI St. Andrew’s Church, Machukad, Puthuppally P. O., Kottayam - 686 011.

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Departments Associated

- Department of Mission and Evangelism
Department of Mission and Evangelism

Department of Mission and Evangelism

Madhya Kerala Diocese is known as a missionary Diocese because of the thrust the Diocese has given to its mission activities. The leadership, care and compassion of the missionaries towards the downtrodden and marginalised communities and their zeal to spread the gospel among the non-Christians helped the Diocese to start and spread the missionary work inside and outside Kerala. When the centenary celebration of the initiation of missionary work in Kerala by the Church Missionary Society was held in 1916, Dornakal Bishop V. S. Azaria's challenge to the Diocese gave the impetus to start mission work outside of Kerala. The work started in 1924 in Katrapalli village in the Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh and is now entering its 99th year. Later on, the work was extended from Katrapalli to Parkal village and was continued under the name Parkal Mission. Parkal Mission, which will complete 100 years in 2024, was the very first step of the Diocese's mission work outside of the geographical territory of the diocese. The Mission Board has decided to celebrate 2023-2024 as the year of celebration of the centenary of the foreign mission and also to celebrate the centenary of the Parkal Mission. Now 19 mission centres are functioning outside of Kerala in 10 states of India and Nepal. 14 officers are engaged in full-time evangelistic activities in these missions. Also, the collective efforts of many missionaries such as sisters, evangelists, teachers, and doctors and the prayers of the members of the Diocese offer strength to carry forward the mission work. The Department of Mission and Evangelism formulates vision and strategic plans and policies for the mission fields and extend full support to the missionaries and mission fields.

Designation : Director

Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese, CSI Diocesan Office, Cathedral Road, Kottayam, Kerala, India - 686 001.

Rev. Jacob Daniel

Rev. Jacob Daniel

CSI St. Andrew’s Church, Machukad, Puthuppally P. O., Kottayam - 686 011. Phone: 0481 2352041