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- CSI Immanuel CSI Congregation, Singapore
CSI Immanuel CSI Congregation, Singapore

CSI Immanuel Congregation, Singapore

  • The year 2008 was a blessed year for the CSI Malayali Community in Singapore, as after a hiatus of almost 40 years, the CSI Malayali community was able to once again worship our God in the same tradition and language that they had been brought up.
  • On the 17th February 2008, the congregation gathered for a prayer meeting at the Chapel of St Johns Home for the Aged, Wan Tho Avenue. The meeting was attended by around 40 people and encouraged us to request the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese to send a pastor for conducting our Holy Communion service. The then diocesan bishop, Rt Rev. Thomas Samuel accepted our request and sent Rev. Dr. Shajan A Idiculla, who led our first Holy Communion service in the CSI order on 30 March 2008. About 80 people attended the service. This was followed by monthly visits by priests from Kerala, and the frequency of meetings increased from once a month to twice a month.
  • After complying with the formalities of registering the Church with the Registrar of society in Singapore, Bishop Rt. Rev, Thomas Samuel, on his Episcopal visit, dedicated Immanuel Congregation (Singapore) as a full fledged parish on 28th December 2008 and graciously accepted our request for a full time Pastor to minister from April 2009 onwards.
  • The congregation fondly remember and are grateful for the services of Rev Shajan A Idiculla, Rev Sam T Mathew, Rev P. K. Kuruvilla, Rev Saji K Sam, Rev Jiji Joseph, Rev Jacob Chacko, Rev Jacob Johnson, Rev Prof. Itty Mathew, Rev Cherian Thomas, Rev T. M. John and Rev Felix Mathew who helped us in formalizing the group during the initial days. They put a lot of effort during their short stay, in encouraging each and every family in the community to join and play an active role in the congregation. We are also grateful to the elders of the community who helped in opening the doors of the Chapel of St John's Home for the Aged, Wan Tho Avenue for our worship service.
  • After worshipping for a year at the Chapel at St Johns Home for the Aged, we moved to the Lutheran Church of our Redeemer, at 30 Dukes Road.
  • We moved our worship place to St. John's St. Margaret's Church Chapel, at 30 Dover Ave in early 2015 and thereafter shifted to My Saviour’s Church, 2 Prince Charles Cres in early 2017. Till this day we are gathering at My Saviour’s Church for our worship services.
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Immanuel Congregation, Singapore.

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Rev. Dr. Shiju Samuel

Rev. Dr. Shiju Samuel

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