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C S I College For Advanced Studies, Punnakkad
C S I College For Advanced Studies, Punnakkad

C S I College For Advanced Studies, Punnakkad

A long cherished dream to establish a higher education institution in Punnakkad, Pathanamthitta district came true when the C.S.I. Madhya Kerala Diocese established C.S.I. College for Advanced Studies in the year 2022. It was the need of the hour that a remote village like Punnakkad is to be educated and reconstructed through higher education as Gandhiji, 'Father of our Nation' believed that "The soul India lives in its villages".

Our main objective is to attain Quality Education- Sustainable Development, ensuring inclusive and quality education to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Our college also emphasizes on value education alternatively known as moral education which focuses on the topic of citizenship education, personality development, spiritual development, character development and basic human duties that ultimately shapes the students' future and teaches them to live with integrity.

We adopted the outcome-based education, expecting all learners to successfully achieve a particular level of knowledge and abilities when the teacher is only a facilitator and guide. We equip each student to face the challenges of life helping them to be better individuals which make a better world.

Vision The college is committed to sustainable development, pursuit of excellence and holistic growth of the learner.

Mission Achieve excellence in teaching, learning and evaluation through innovative and robust methods.

Build up technologically enhanced learning community that engages in scientific research. Enhanced learning experience through industry-institution partnership.

Create an environment that values artistic creation, skill development and leadership. Impart consciousness for sustainable living and transparency.

Affiliation College is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and is a member of Kerala Forum for United Nations Academic Impact.

Programmes Offered

  1. B Com Finance and Taxation
  2. BSc Food Technology and Quality Assurance
  3. BSc Psychology
Designation : Bursar

Punnakkad, Kozhenchery, Kerala- 689652.

Pastorates Associated

- Punnackadu

CSI St. Thomas Church, Punnackadu

  • Year of the Formation : 1860
  • Name of the Founder : Rev. Joseph Peet
  • Year of Pastorate Formation : 1948
  • Total Members of the Congregation : 539
  • Total Families in the Congregation : 126
  • Total Land : 3.5
  • Name of the Bishop from the Congregation: Rt. Rev. Dr. Sabu K. Cherian
  • Name of the Presbyters from the Congregation: Late Very. Rev. M. V. George, Late Very Rev. M. K. George, Late Very Rev. K. K. Tharian, Late Rev. M. C. Eapen, Late Rev. M.P. Mathew, Late Very Rev. M. T. Tharian, Late Rev. P. M. Koshy and Rev. Shaji K. George
  • Name of the Catechist / Church Workers from the Congregation: Late M. T. Koshy, Late V. T. Mathai, Late V. K. George, Late K. C. George, Late K. C. Mathew, and Mr. George Mathew
Designation : Vicar

CSI St. Thomas Church, Punnackadu P. O., Via - Kozhenchery, Pathanamthitta - 689 652.

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Rev. Varkey Thomas

Rev. Varkey Thomas

CSI St. Thomas Church, Punnackadu P. O., Via - Kozhenchery, Pathanamthitta - 689 652. Phone: 0468 2312711